A Photo Is Worth A Thousand Words - Raise Your Voice!

Every flight shows us something new, but our vision remains the same:  "Provide creative, effective and timely aerial photography and videography products in a safe, respectful and professional manner, one positive client experience at a time."

Without question, safety is our number-one priority. We believe in being ambassadors of this emerging capability, and understand that its misuse could endanger public safety.  We take industry-leading steps to minimize risk and are extremely proud of our perfect safety record.

We also maintain a half-million dollar injury and property liability insurance policy specifically tailored for commercial UAV operations.  

Before every flight, we conduct a 30-point pre-flight inspection of our aerial vehicles and walk the entire flight area to check for any hazards such as trees, wires or obstructions.  We require property owners permission for all flights, never fly over cars or people or out of our direct line of sight, and brief a safety plan to all bystanders in case of an equipment failure.  For indoor flights, only the pilot is allowed in the room being filmed.  We reserve the right to refuse a mission based on safety concerns. 

Video Services

Our state-of gyro-stabilized three-axis camera gimbal provides incredibly smooth full HD video and amazing perspectives. Our team of cinematographers and editors provide industry leading quality and innovation. We pride ourselves on using flexibility, creativity and positive attitude to accomplish every task. 

Here are just a few of the ways Propellerheads can use it's technology to tell your unique story.

- Advertising
- Luxury Watercraft Marketing
- Development pre-sales visualizations
- Golf Course Flyovers
- Agriculture Inspections
- Post-Disaster Documentation

- Broadcast Quality Full HD Video
- Industrial Security Surveys
- Inaccessible/Coastal Terrain Access
- Smoke/Flare Stack inspections
- Civic Special Events Promotion
- News and Accident Coverage