The FAA Is Trying to Ban First-Person View Drone Flights


From Motherboard:

"The agency is trying to assert that commercial flight of drones is illegal, despite there being no official, legally-enforceable regulations against it—a point that the FAA has already lost in court (an appeal is still pending). It's also trying to make the same tired argument that if a drone is used for a commercial purpose, it ceases being a "model" aircraft and becomes a standard one—the exact same argument a judge threw out just months ago. The document also tries to say that these new rules are already in effect, and have been for roughly two years."


Parker Gyokeres

In addition to being the owner, vehicle builder and pilot at Propellerheads, Parker Gyokeres is an active duty U.S. Air Force Photojournalist and the current Chief of Public Affairs for the 621st Contingency Response Wing, Joint Base Mcguire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J. Gyokeres has 22 years of worldwide expeditionary experience, to include three deployments to Afghanistan and one to Iraq. He has been active in remote control flight for ten years and has extensive experience with the construction and operation of both multicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.