• 980mm Quadframe.us folding hexacopter with 400mm X 25mm arms, integrated landing gear and real-time video downlink.
  • T-motor MN4012-11 400KV high performance brushless motors.
  • ZTW spider 40A ESCs flashed with SimonK multirotor firmware.
  • Alexmos 32bit gimbal controller, tuned and configured for aerial use and live control, running latest 2.50B3 firmware, (includes Bluetooth module)
  • DJI Naza M V2 flight controller with Bluetooth configuration module and On screen display overlay.
    • Flight controller is equipped with automatic return to home and position hold features.
    • Will NOT lock itself out if armed in a controlled area such as near an airport or near Washington DC. (this controller does not have DJI SafeFlight)
    • Pilot assumes all responsibility for safe operation of system in restricted areas.
  • Turnigy 9XR PRO vehicle control radio with Immersion RC EZUHF Transmitter module, 7” Readymade RC HD monitor and Immersion RC 5.8ghz UNO video receiver.
  • Turnigy 9XR gimbal control radio with Spectrum Module, 8” Readymade RC HD monitor and Immersion RC 5.8ghz UNO video receiver.
  • Four 12,400mah readymade RC lipo flight batteries capable of 12-15 min flights (depending on payload)
  • Vehicle and gimbal is capable of lifting Panasonic GH4 or Sony A7 series.  Comes equipped for GH4 control and output, but can be reconfigured easily. 
  • Two 2200mah video monitor batteries.
  • Spare set (6) of 15x5.5 Tmotor style propellers.
  • Hitec X4 AC four bank Lipo charger with all adapters and balance boards.
  • Two lipo battery charging sacks.
  • Toolkit and spare hardware for repairs.

Additional photos, flight video are availible and any specific questions happily answered, just contact us!

Drone is one year old, but has not been used commercially. Airframe/motors have less than two flight hours and work perfectly.  This vehicle was hand built by our team of UAV professionals and like all our builds, comes with PROPELLERHEADS lifetime build guarantee and lifetime support.   Vehicle comes fully tuned and ready to fly immediately.   

8 hours of systems familiarization, maintenance training and flight training is included at our Middletown NY Office. 

$6500!! Priced to sell at a significant discount. Each one of our systems is built to suit for our clients, so this is the only SYSTEM in our inventory standing by for immediate delivery.  

(this same Full system costs approx $9000 in new condition. Priced to sell!)