Our experience in this rapidly expanding field can help you use the latest technology to its full potential.

Propellerheads will work with you to find the most cost-effective solution to your unique needs, then design and build the perfect aircraft to fit them.  You can buy toys, but if you want reliable, perfectly constructed aerial systems hand-built by professionals, for professionals, we are the builders for you.

If you already own a drone and need repairs, we are the perfect team to get you back in the air.

We only advocate equipment that we fly ourselves, test extensively and trust completely.   Our experience is based on years of experience with aerial photography and cinema.  

We are the sole manufacturer and authorized builders for Fortis Airframes and Quadframe Multicopter systems.

Over the years we have gathered a great deal of knowledge and experience on the design and operation of safe, efficient multicopters. 

We understand the learning curve for people wanting to purchase and operate a modern cinema UAV is nearly vertical. As we were learning to build and fly we often wished there was a resource to answer questions, provide guidance or teach us the basics of the task at hand.  

We are proud to be that resource for you. We pride ourselves on building relationships as strong as our aircraft. 

Our team of experts are available to consult, advise and educate your team on the best applications for the latest technologies.  The advantages of using custom chosen components over locked-in prebuilt kits are numerous.  We are able to adapt to current developments in each subsystem of our vehicles. The modularity of our parts means they are easily replaced from multiple sources.  You won't be limited to using expensive replacement parts sold though overseas dealers.  As a result, the entire vehicle costs much less to purchase, operate, maintain and upgrade.  Frequently, the parts and equipment on this vehicle can be transferred to your next vehicle, saving hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars.  

Propellerheads will discuss your wants and needs with you, research all options and determine the perfect system to get you where you want to go with the least expense and hassle possible.  We will then source, hand-build and tune your vehicle for optimum performance.  Upon delivery, we can educate you on its safe operation, and provide flight training and ongoing customer service and support.  After your vehicle arrives, we offer warranty service and maintenance packages to keep your aircraft at the peak of its performance. 

No two aerial vehicles are the same, but the exacting standards and meticulous attention to detail that have made us successful can be your advantage as well!

The cost of getting into the air is less than you may expect.

Complete starter packages are available beginning at only $1200. This includes a fully assembled multicopter to fit your specific needs, all required batteries and chargers, a configured computer radio (that can be used for all future aircraft) and a list of replacement parts. This vehicle does not come equipped with a camera or video transmission system, but they can be added afterwards or installed during the build.  Please contact us with your specific needs and we will design the perfect vehicle for you.  

For established pilots looking to move up from a GoPro sized vehicle into a new tier of performance and image quality, we offer a fully-assembled custom configured, professional-grade aerial imaging system capable of lifting and controlling a high quality mirrorless camera (Sony a6000, GH4) starting at only $6,500.  Our vehicle is of equal or better performance than comparable off the shelf systems such as the DJI S900 at less than half the cost.  

This tuned and flight-ready vehicle comes complete with a video downlink with on-screen display, GPS stability with autonomous return-to-home, and the latest three-axis brushless gimbal technology capable of carrying the camera of your choice.   Please contact us for more details, available options, and specifications.  


Please anticipate a month for delivery as we order the correct parts from multiple suppliers. We favor US suppliers and companies whenever possible, specializing in Fortis and Quadframe airframes and gimbal systems. We are proud to use fully U.S. manufactured frames in all configurations. 

Propellerheads prides itself on creating the finest hand-built aerial cinema vehicles for discriminating professionals.  We can take your vision to new heights!  Call or write today to begin your dreams.


Propellerheads offers the following products and services:

  • Multicopter consultation, design, procurement, assembly, inspection and tuning.
  • Hand-built vehicles, designed to suit for training, sport flying, FPV, and aerial photography/videography.
  • Flight controller/video transmission/gimbal/camera control systems integration and troubleshooting for existing systems.
  • Radio frequency management and RF range/noise troubleshooting.
  • Flight instruction
  • Vehicle maintenance and inspection training.
  • Aerial cinematography consultation and training.

A properly operating aerial vehicle requires the seamless integration of a number of complex systems. We have extensive experience in the following specialties:

  • radio frequency selection and interference detection/mitigation
  • autonomous and aerial photography flight control tuning and integration,
  • camera and sensor stability, control and real-time monitoring
  • battery/motor/propeller selection for maximum efficiency and safety
  • power system monitoring and management
  • radio control system configuration and redundancy

Contact us for your consultation today!