n. Slang. 

1. (sometimes shortened to prop head or prophead )  Someone who is exceptionally, perhaps weirdly bright or knowledgeable, especially in some technical field. 

2. See below.

Parker Gyokeres
UAV Photojournalist

In addition to being the owner, pilot and pointy-head-in-charge at Propellerheads, Parker Gyokeres was an award winning U.S. Air Force Photojournalist and Chief of Public Affairs who retired in 2014 after 22 years of distinguished service. He has dedicated his life to changing the way we see our world using creativity, enthusiasm and technology.    

A former military media relations instructor, sUAS subject matter expert/speaker and professional photographer, Gyokeres also serves as a member of the board of directors for the Professional Society of Drone Journalists. He also advises national clients on the design, operation and deployment of advanced aerial systems for use by photographers, surveyors, cinematographers and military contractors.  

Gyokeres joined the U.S. Air Force in 1992 as a fighter weapons system technician before cross-training to become a public affairs photojournalist in 2006.  His 22 years of worldwide expeditionary experience includes three deployments to Afghanistan and one to Iraq, as well as Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Spain, Alaska, Italy and Iceland.  

He has captured nearly a million images in the course of his award-winning career and merges his passion for photography with his technical expertise as the founder of Propellerheads.  His goal is to show people the power of a better perspective, and to help raise voices and gain understanding through advanced technology.  That, and shooting race cars, explosions, and other similar cool things.     

Recent work includes partnerships with clients such as the United Nations Human Rights Commission, The History Channel, Ford, GM, ESPN, The New York Times, BMW Motorsports, Nike/Air Jordan, The Wu-Tang Clan, the Department of Defense, Tool North America, TerraSmart Solar, Monticello Motor Club, Avalon Bay Properties, Kimco, Holt, GTB, Fake Love, Leftfield Entertainment, Carrot Creative, Pirate Shark Dinosaur, Oheka Castle and The Battleship NJ Foundation. 

As a remote control sUAS pilot and builder, he has been active in the study and use of this technology for more than a decade and has extensive experience with the design, construction and operation of both multicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.  Please contact Propellerheads for your next hand-built aerial photography vehicle or personalized professional training program.

He also advocates and educates about the safe, responsible use of small UAVs for aerial photography at speaking and training events nationwide. His goal is to build acceptance and the safe use of this exiting new capability in the hands of professional photographers, filmmakers and artists.  He firmly believes using this technology is no different from the use of helicopters and manned aircraft for aerial photography, but this technology is safer, less expensive and provides much better results in much less time. 

As a result of his obsession with safety in all its operations, Propellerheads maintains a perfect safety record.  Please contact Parker for a consultation before your next creative project.  

Notable accomplishments:

United States Air Force, Retired
Board member, Professional Society of Drone Journalists.
U.S. Air Force photojournalism award winner (2013)
Six-time USAF Air Combat Command award winner.
15-time USAF Air Mobility Command award winner.

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